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transactions – Sum of block values not zero?

The quantity paid out within the coinbase transaction just isn’t reward+charges.

The hyperlink you shared reveals

Enter Worth   3,067.86 BTC  
Output Worth  3,117.80 BTC 

The distinction should be the reward claimed by the miner within the coinbase transaction, however the distinction is barely 49.94

It additionally reveals

Minted 50.00 BTC  
Reward 50.05750000 BTC

So it does appear there’s a discrepancy.

I in contrast it with

Enter whole  3,067.86 BTC  
Price whole        0.0575 BTC  
Technology      49.94 BTC  
Output whole 3,117.80BTC  

Observe the distinction between this explorer’s Technology and’s Minted.

It reveals the output for the coinbase transaction as 50 BTC.

So I believe the miner forgot to assert the transaction charges and solely claimed the mining reward for the block.

I imagine the explorers wrongly interpret this because the miner having claimed 0.0575 BTC in charges and under-claimed roughly 49.94 BTC as a mining reward for the block. reveals 50 as “Minted” – which is an inconsistency in its presentation. It reveals the whole reward that may have been claimed, not what was really claimed.

This under-claiming of rewards is throughout the Bitcoin guidelines, the miner can not declare greater than block-reward plus transaction charges however they’ll declare much less.

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