Friday, May 24, 2024

safety – Is the ‘actual barrier’ to assault bitcoin’s consensus 33.34%, moderately than 51%?

Noticed a random tweet thread that claimed that the “51” in “51% assault” was misinformation, and that in actuality solely 33.34% of hash energy could be wanted for a nasty actor to assault the community.

I used to be skeptical, however one of many posters linked to a discuss by Dr. Leeman Baird the place, so far as I can interpret, he explains that for those who put a firewall round 1/third of the hash energy and refuse to permit it to speak to the opposite 2/3rds, then you definately solely want barely greater than half of this remaining 66% (33.34%) to maliciously assault the community. (The related a part of the video begins at 1:01:08 or so).

I kind of get it as an idea, however as one of many college students asks, it appears prohibitively tough for a nasty actor to cordon off 1/third of the world’s hash energy with a firewall. As they ask, is constructing a firewall round 1/third of hash energy considerably simpler than acquiring the remaining 18% of the hashpower they might’ve wanted (18+33=51%) to conduct a regular 51% assault? This looks like an incredible query, however Dr. Baird casually responds that China already has a firewall round all of their web, so doing so is fairly easy because it already exists.

Would not the hash energy simply transfer? He explains that recognizing that it has been cordoned off could be tough and thus makes this resolution infeasible.

Is that this legit? Would love for somebody to offer perception.

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