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python – How do you assemble witness stack and controlblock in P2TR Script Path outputs?

I’ve been documenting tips on how to create various kinds of Tx outputs right here, leveraging the Bitcoin Core Check Framework. Significantly for Taproot, I am engaged on a situation of a P2TR Script Path with a tree of PK scripts like this:

                   taptweak(Inner P|ABC)
                      TH("TapBranch") ABC
                  |                      |
           TH("TapBranch") AB.    TH("TapLeaf") C    
          |              |
   TH("TapLeaf) A TH("TapLeaf) B

Reviewing the Bips 340, 341, and 342, in addition to the Opthech Taproot Worksop movies, documentation, and code, it’s unclear tips on how to assemble the code for the witness and the controlblock, when a “Script Inclusion Proof” needs to be supplied.

Bip-341 states:

To spend this output utilizing script D, the management block would comprise the next information on this order:
<management byte with leaf model and parity bit> <inner key p> <C> <E> <AB>

In my instance I am spending script_B, I assume I’ve to offer the Tag Hashes for script_A and script_C within the controlblock as inclusion proof, additionally, It’s not clear if a compact measurement of the entire controlblock is required, however I did present it utilizing the ser_string() operate. I’ve tried to implement it in Python (see code under), however I am getting this error:
'non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Invalid Taproot management block measurement)'

Can anybody recommend what I is likely to be lacking or misinterpreting?

Right here is how I am setting up the witness and the controlblock:

        control_block = [TAPSCRIPT_VERSION, internal_pubkey, TH_Leaf_A, TH_Leaf_C]
        control_block_bstr = ser_string(b''.be a part of(component for component in control_block)
        witness_elements = [signature, script_A, control_block_bstr ]

        # Add witness parts, script and management block 
        tx2.wit.vtxinwit[0].scriptWitness.stack = witness_elements

and right here is my full code:

from io import BytesIO
from test_framework.handle import program_to_witness
from test_framework.blocktools import COINBASE_MATURITY
from test_framework.messages import (
from test_framework.script import (

from test_framework.test_framework import BitcoinTestFramework
from test_framework.util import assert_equal
from test_framework.key import ( ECKey, 
TAPSCRIPT_VERSION = bytes([0xc0])

# Facilitate key pair era
def generate_bip340_key_pair():
    # Key pair era
    privkey = ECKey()
    # Compute x solely pubKey, Bip340 32 bytes Public Key
    pubkey, negated = compute_xonly_pubkey(privkey.get_bytes())
    assert_equal(len(pubkey), 32)

    return privkey.get_bytes(), pubkey

# Create TapBranch sorting lexicographically
def tapbranch_hash(left, proper):
    return TaggedHash("TapBranch", b''.be a part of(sorted([left, right])))

class P2TR_Script_Path(BitcoinTestFramework):

    def set_test_params(self):
        """This technique needs to be overwritten to specify check parameters"""
        self.setup_clean_chain = True
        self.num_nodes = 1
        self.extra_args = [[]]

    def skip_test_if_missing_module(self):
           Observe: this operate, apart from to skip the check if no pockets was compiled, creates 
           a default pockets.
           NOTE: if you happen to take away it, you HAVE to create the pockets, in any other case RPCs calls will fail

    def run_test(self):
        """Most important check logic"""

        self.log.information("Begin check!")
        self.log.information("Producing some Blocks to create UTXOs")        
        self.generate(self.nodes[0], COINBASE_MATURITY + 1)
        # After producing 101 blocks there in a UTXO for 50BTC
        utxos = self.nodes[0].listunspent()
        assert len(utxos) == 1
        assert_equal(utxos[-1]["amount"], 50) 

        # Create enter to spend from UTXO
        unspent_txid = self.nodes[0].listunspent()[-1]["txid"]
        enter = [{"txid": unspent_txid, "vout": 0}]
        self.log.information("Chosen UTXO as enter: {}".format(enter))        

        # Generate key pairs
        internal_privkey, internal_pubkey = generate_bip340_key_pair()

        privkey_A, pubkey_A = generate_bip340_key_pair()
        privkey_B, pubkey_B = generate_bip340_key_pair()
        privkey_C, pubkey_C = generate_bip340_key_pair()

        # create PK scripts
        script_A = CScript([pubkey_A, OP_CHECKSIG])
        script_B = CScript([pubkey_B, OP_CHECKSIG])
        script_C = CScript([pubkey_C, OP_CHECKSIG])

        # Hash TapLeaves with model, size and script (ser_string appends compac measurement size)
        hash_A = TAPSCRIPT_VERSION + ser_string(script_A)
        hash_B = TAPSCRIPT_VERSION + ser_string(script_B)
        hash_C = TAPSCRIPT_VERSION + ser_string(script_C)
        TH_Leaf_A = TaggedHash("TapLeaf", hash_A)
        TH_Leaf_B = TaggedHash("TapLeaf", hash_B)
        TH_Leaf_C = TaggedHash("TapLeaf", hash_C)

        # Compute branches
        branch_AB = tapbranch_hash(TH_Leaf_A, TH_Leaf_B)
        branch_ABC = tapbranch_hash(branch_AB, TH_Leaf_C)
        # Compute TapTweak
        tap_tweak = TaggedHash("TapTweak", internal_pubkey + branch_ABC)
        self.log.information("TapTweak: {}".format(tap_tweak.hex()))

        # Derive bech32m handle
        taproot_PK_bytes, negated = tweak_add_pubkey(internal_pubkey, tap_tweak)
        bech32m_address = program_to_witness(1, taproot_PK_bytes)
        self.log.information("Deal with (bech32m): {}".format(bech32m_address))

        # Create Tx1 utilizing the tweaked public key
        tx1_amount = 1
        tx1_hex = self.nodes[0].createrawtransaction(inputs=enter, outputs=[{bech32m_address: tx1_amount}])
        res = self.nodes[0].signrawtransactionwithwallet(hexstring=tx1_hex)
        self.log.debug("Tx1 consequence: {}".format(res))

        tx1_hex = res["hex"]
        assert res["complete"]
        assert 'errors' not in res

        # Ship the uncooked transaction. We have not created a change output,
        # so maxfeerate should be set to 0 to permit any payment price.
        tx1_id = self.nodes[0].sendrawtransaction(hexstring=tx1_hex, maxfeerate=0)
        decrawtx = self.nodes[0].decoderawtransaction(tx1_hex, True)
        self.log.debug("Tx1 decoded: {}".format(decrawtx))

        # Reconstruct transaction from hex 
        tx1 = CTransaction()

        # Assert the output we created is a P2TR witness_v1_taproot
        assert_equal(decrawtx['vout'][0]['scriptPubKey']['type'], 'witness_v1_taproot')
        self.log.information("Transaction {}, output 0".format(tx1_id))       
        self.log.information("despatched to {}".format(bech32m_address))       
        self.log.information("Quantity {}".format(decrawtx['vout'][0]['value']))       

        # Generate a P2TR scriptPubKey 01(segwit v1) 20(32 bytes in hex) <pubkey>
        script_pubkey = CScript([OP_1, internal_pubkey])

        # Manually assemble the Tx2, utilizing Tx1 P2TR output as enter.
        tx2 = CTransaction()
        tx2.nVersion = 2
        tx2.nLockTime = 0
        outpoint = COutPoint(int(tx1_id,16), 0)
        # No scriptSig, the signature can be on the witness stack, b""))
        # scriptPubKey is witness v1: 0 and 32 byte public key
        dest_output = CTxOut(nValue=((tx1.vout[0].nValue)- 1000), scriptPubKey=script_pubkey)

        # Generate the taproot signature hash for signing
        # SIGHASH_ALL_TAPROOT is 0x00
        sighash = TaprootSignatureHash(  tx2, 
                                                input_index = 0, 
                                                scriptpath = True,
                                                script = script_B 
        # All schnorr sighashes besides SIGHASH_DEFAULT require
        # the hash_type appended to the top of signature
        signature = sign_schnorr(privkey_B, sighash)

        witness_elements = [signature, script_A, TAPSCRIPT_VERSION, internal_pubkey, TH_Leaf_A, TH_Leaf_C]

        # Add witness parts, script and management block 
        tx2.wit.vtxinwit[0].scriptWitness.stack = witness_elements

        tx2_hex = tx2.serialize().hex()
        decrawtx = self.nodes[0].decoderawtransaction(tx2_hex, True)
        descriptor = decrawtx['vout'][0]['scriptPubKey']['desc']
        assert self.nodes[0].testmempoolaccept(rawtxs=[tx2_hex], maxfeerate=0)[0]['allowed']
        tx2_id = self.nodes[0].sendrawtransaction(hexstring=tx2_hex)
        handle = decrawtx['vout'][0]['scriptPubKey']['address']
        self.log.information("P2TR Script Path Transaction {}".format(tx2_id))       
        self.log.information("despatched to {}".format(handle))       
        self.log.information("Descriptor {}".format(descriptor))       

if __name__ == '__main__':

That is the uncooked tx decomposed.

model:            02000000 
marker and flag:    0001
variety of inputs:   01
  txid:             2dc0a18c1b9bd09070380bc3a4c5cc4dda81649462397aa529b7234194a924c5
  vout:             00000000
  scriptsig:        00
  sequence:         00000000
variety of outputs:  01
  quantity:           18ddf50500000000
  scriptpubkey:     225120e661a607f63da586616de255ecb27ce2b835b5c266015b1c04b9c57a83697316
gadgets witness stack:06
  signature:        40 9a5e6dbfc92135a6ec18c1c87b401e58eb38da51f79207002461961decf6782f8bdceffd3b751eae9bb3e0877190790def5bd9076aabac6ae3bc14a1ef0adac4 
  script:           22 20814c44e4784059f451e40f8d8da0dd3b79ed11f8788b02f9aa312d7d219012a3ac
Tapscrit model:   01 c0
Inner PK:        20 e661a607f63da586616de255ecb27ce2b835b5c266015b1c04b9c57a83697316
TH_Leaf_A:          20 28ddf0751e454d7c930449733c959a8e0b8bb996930f9333739141c0d43ca593
TH_Leaf_C           20 f48d3a446abe298f73ad7075b6f11a410f5defe6708f41832cd4044c9cf78998
locktime:           00000000

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