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linux – The best way to replicated the 256 MiB reminiscence “Naked Minimal” setup of `bitcoind` from bitcoin.org

I used to be all in favour of utilizing a Raspberry Pi Zero W to run the claimed “Naked Minimal (With Customized Settings)” set up of bitcoind on both Gentoo or Linux From Scratch. It was recommended that it’s POSSIBLE to get bitcoind up and working and synced on a 256 MiB reminiscence footprint (RAM not DISK). I would be thrilled to get it working on 450 MiB of reminiscence (RAM not DISK). Final I attempted this (5+ years in the past on Debian) it regularly bought killed by some kernel monitor… possibly the OOM daemon or one thing of the like. I ultimately gave up and deemed it unattainable to run in a 512 MiB reminiscence footprint (RAM not DISK).

Many (many) years later I see that the “Naked Minimal” config claims bitcoind can run in a 256 MiB reminiscence footprint (RAM not DISK). Anybody have the magic CCFLAGS, Kernel config.gz, make defines, or bitcoin.conf switches to get core working with such a low footprint.

I suppose I assumed that at a minimal, the complete UTXO set (7 GiB) wanted to stay in reminiscence on any synced full node. Or, are these naked minimal configs referenced actually SPV (skinny) purchasers or one thing? I would favor to keep away from pruning if doable.

Clearly, I’ve no rational motive for wanting to do that on such an insanely anemic system apart from the easy puzzle of the issue to unravel.

Simply to recover from the plain hurdles… I intend to carry out the complete IBD on a sturdy (64GiB Mem / 12 Core / 5 TB SSD) system, then solely hand management over to the Pi as soon as totally synced. I can even run the Pi off of SSD with no matter infinite swap config will get me throughout the end line. Killing the SSD through insane IO is ok by me. It is only a proof of idea, although in reality, I’m in search of probably the most optimum bare-minimum config.

To avoid wasting the search question, my PiZeroW has the next specs:

  1. Proc: BCM2835 single-core 32 bit ARMv6 (“comparable” to 2005 Pentium D 805)
  2. Mem: 512 MiB
  3. NIC: 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi LAN (450 Mbps)
  4. DISK: 5 TiB USB SSD

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