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exchange by payment – Comparability between CPFP and BIP125 for payment bumping

First off, be aware that BIP125 doesn’t prescribe any community (“consensus”) rule. A Bitcoin node could not observe this alternative coverage. The truth is most nodes on the community are working Bitcoin Core, which implements relay guidelines near however totally different from what’s described in BIP125 with regards to alternative, and permits a few of these to be configured (as an example see -mempoolfullrbf relating to BIP125 signalling). A part of the coverage carried out by Bitcoin Core by default is described right here.

If most nodes did not implement obligatory BIP125 signalling, RBF can be superior in all points to CPFP from the angle of the emitter of transaction. CPFP is a lot much less environment friendly, and never all the time potential: you want the transaction to have a change output and (no less than on the time of writing [0]) the father or mother to move coverage checks by itself, as an example if it is under the minimal feerate of most mempools on the community you will not be capable to CPFP it in the mean time.

From the angle of the recipient of a fee, CPFP is the one different that does not require coordination with the sender.

Your second level appears to imagine RBF requires a change within the protocol. It does not, it really works in the present day. If something it’ll be made simpler to make use of sooner or later (by numerous protocol enhancements, and the push for having nodes permit to additionally exchange transactions that did not explicitly sign for BIP125 beforehand).

[0]: bundle relay would repair this.

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