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Cashu: Chaumian E-Money & Mints Over Lightning

Cashu: Chaumian E-Money & Mints Over Lightning

Cashu is a undertaking for Lightning Community enabled Chaumian e-cash for Bitcoin. Chaumian e-cash is digital money fee system named after creator David Chaum, a legendary cryptographer, whose pre-Bitcoin, early digital money system “Digicash” provided huge enhancements in person safety and privateness by utilizing cryptography.

Chaumian E-Money Over Lightning with Cashu

Cashu is an thrilling new Layer two Bitcoin undertaking for Chaumian e-cash and mints which allow quick, scalable, completely non-public, low-cost, Bitcoin-backed e-cash transactions. Cashu creates a mint, which points e-cash tokens on Lightning Community which accepts Bitcoin and makes use of blinded signatures to mint e-cash tokens, which may be spent, acquired, transacted with, and ultimately redeemed for Bitcoin.

With Cashu, there are not any accounts or private info required, the mint can’t see your stability, tokens, or who you’re transacting with, and you’ll maintain on to your individual tokens, (though your Bitcoin is within the mint’s custody). Cashu permits anybody to begin a mint, and act as a “financial institution” which might concern e-cash. Customers have the liberty to decide on the mint they wish to use, and redeem their e-cash tokens for Bitcoin at any given time. 

Cashu was created by Calle, a pseudonymous Bitcoin and Lightning Community developer who takes his inspiration for Cashu from David Chaum’s unique “Digicash” Chaumian e-cash system which was launched within the Nineties, however which didn’t acquire traction and mainstream adoption. 

To be extra exact, Cashu is predicated on a variant of Chaumian blinding, designed by David Wagner, a scholar of Chaum, in addition to a minicash-based token logic which makes use of a Blind Diffie-Hellman Key Trade scheme. Wagner was a scholar of Chaum’s who made an alternate implementation of e-cash to realize comparable safety and privateness ensures by means of encryption whereas avoiding sure patents held by Chaum for Digicash.

Cashu, is much like one other Chaumian e-cash undertaking for Bitcoin often called Fedimint, which employs comparable applied sciences to realize lots of the identical objectives of improved privateness and scalability, with the important thing distinction being that Fedimint employs federated Chaumian mints, whereas Cashu doesn’t. 

Cashu’s mannequin permits anybody to create a mint, and any person to decide on the mint they wish to use, however the mints are impartial of one another and don’t federate as in Fedimint. Cashu customers can simply use a number of mints, relying on the mint’s fame, value, comfort, or different components and incentives.

What Benefits Does Chaumian E-Money Present for Bitcoin?

Cashu units the stage for a number of necessary and key advantages which customary on-chain Bitcoin or Lightning Community transactions don’t possess. Cashu’s e-cash makes some tradeoffs to realize non-public, safe, scalable, low-cost transactions. The principle commerce off is that customers should deposit Satoshis with the mint with the intention to mint e-cash, so it’s a custodial pockets design, though a custodial design with far much less belief assumptions than are usually required for custodial wallets.

As soon as a person deposits their Bitcoin with the mint and creates e-cash tokens, the mint itself has no manner of understanding the variety of customers, who they’re, their account balances, or their transaction histories. Cashu customers may pay to and obtain from common Lightning Community wallets with on-chain capabilities coming quickly. Moreover, Cashu e-cash transactions are low-cost, extremely scalable and with out limitations. 

Cashu is a brand new undertaking, which continues to be in an early stage of growth, so enhancements are continually being carried out, and customers ought to bear this in thoughts in the event that they plan to make use of it with actual cash. That being mentioned, it is likely one of the most enjoyable new initiatives which tackles Bitcoin’s privateness and scalability points, from a unique approach. 

Cashu’s e-cash gives some variations to custodial Lightning wallets from each a privateness and safety perspective. Presently, custodial Lightning Wallets, whereas prompt and low-cost, might censor a person’s transactions if motivated or compelled, in addition to monitor transaction knowledge and spending habits. With e-cash, this isn’t potential as mints don’t know something about quantities or senders and recipients. 

Cashu additionally gives comparable velocity and price advantages much like Lightning transactions, so funds are prompt, and unfairly low-cost, however with extra privateness.  When contrasted towards non custodial Lightning wallets, Cashu’s e-cash nonetheless gives a number of benefits from a usability perspective. There’s no have to handle channels and inbound/outbound liquidity, or take care of channels being unilaterally closed by liquidity companions. 

Calle, Cashu’s creator additionally envisions a future the place Cashu is a protocol which might simply be added to a variety of Bitcoin wallets and companies, to make e-cash, mint, and Lightning Community integrations extra seamless. Cashu gives numerous benefits that might result in widespread adoption in commerce functions and use instances.

Cashu’s improved usability significantly simplifies the layer two expertise for Bitcoin most customers are accustomed to by means of Lightning Community, and enhances the extent of privateness and safety skilled by custodial Lightning pockets customers within the overwhelming majority of custodial Lightning wallets out there immediately. 

It could be a a lot better and easier solution to provide a Lightning-like Bitcoin person expertise to non-technical customers who simply wish to use Bitcoin to purchase and promote stuff on-line, with out the complications of working a Bitcoin and Lightning Community node, and managing channels and liquidity on their very own. 

Cashu and different e-cash implementations like Fedimint have great potential for significantly bettering the Bitcoin round economic system by easing the educational curve at present skilled by Bitcoin customers making an attempt to undertake layer two applied sciences like Lightning Community. 

Whether or not Bitcoin wallets, companies, and companies start to assist Cashu or different e-cash schemes for Bitcoin stays to be seen. Will e-cash revolutionise Bitcoin this time round, or will its momentum sputter and fizzle out because it did nearly 30 years in the past when David Chaum endeavoured to convey Digicash to the general public within the Nineties?

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