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A few of the Greatest Founders Are “Tough” Individuals

What To Look For When Reference Checking Polarizing Entrepreneurs

There are specific phrases I don’t need to hear when doing backchannel references on a startup CEO. Sketchy can be one. Unmotivated one other. Or these particular little bombs of a phrase like “enjoys taking part in founder greater than being one” and “tells an excellent story however no follow-through.” These come up — as soon as is a warning, twice is a goodbye — and I’m not making the funding. However there’s one other attribute that on the floor may appear disqualifying however truly deserves evaluation, and that’s “Tough.” Are we speaking abrasive, egotistical, learn the Steve Jobs bio and thinks yelling was the important thing? Or the opinionated, pushed, strong-willed, quick twitch muscle kind? As a result of whereas the previous may need huge time Life Is Too Brief power, the latter perks my significantly sized ears. However it’s good to go deeper and unpack the ‘Tough’ a bit.

Don’t Be This Kind of Tough [screaming baby in a business suit, digital art — DALL-E]

Tough can imply polarizing, not essentially an absolute unfavourable. When you mix this with self-awareness, you get a strong mixture for an early stage CEO. The issues they’re explicit about — the stuff that makes them Tough — they really have to be good at, not simply forceful. Is it a gruff exterior however with only a want for excellence and affect, versus the issue being finally self-defeating to themselves and their corporations?

Have they got a cofounder who can steadiness them out? Pair a Tough CEO with a COO/CTO/CPO who is aware of the right way to handle alongside and entire simply may be larger than the sum of its components. Be sure that to speak with this particular person as properly. They may give their very own distinctive insights into why they match collectively, or share their very own mounting exasperation.

Do they encourage zealots along with detractors? And do even the detractors say issues like ‘hey, I wouldn’t need to work with him once more at this stage of my profession however I’d spend money on one thing he based with out reservation.’ 🤩

For an investor, partnering with Tough Founders additionally comes all the way down to the way you each take into consideration relationship constructing. Are they Tough however know what they’d be signing up for with you? Do you are feeling like it could take effort, however you would construct a relationship? Do you belief them?

And what occurs if you ask them about their fame for being Tough? The oldsters who recoil from these conversations or get defensive or blame others for each failure, that’s 🚨. However taking extra of a studying mentality — believing that nice corporations *are* polarizing, but additionally speaking about how constructing an important firm will take extra than simply them, how their cofounder is a 1+1=3 scenario, and so forth = ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So web web, Tough is certainly not disqualifying for us, however they do trigger a second set of questions to grasp whether or not the particular person generally is a nice chief/CEO and whether or not we’re going to be the perfect investor for them.


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